Steve McAlpine Headshot

Steven McAlpine


Steven is a co-founder and the CEO of INTRVL. Since 2016, Steven has led 20+ campaign persuasion measurement initiatives at Hawkfish and Anthro. He also led measurement projects at Universal McCann and dunnhumbyUSA.

John Roberts Headshot

John Roberts


John is a co-founder and the CTO of INTRVL. Previously, John helped develop Hawkfish's experimentation, machine learning, and causal inference infrastructure and built voter models used to register 60,000+ voters in 2020.

Catherine Ravenscroft Headshot

Catherine Ravenscroft, PhD

Data Science

Catherine is a data analyst, modeler, and communicator. During the last election cycle, she worked on media measurement initiatives and developed COVID-19 severity indices used in voter models and targeting.

Joe Wlos Headshot

Joe Wlos


Joe is a data analyst and analytics engineer, who uses data-driven insights to inform impactful narratives. In 2020, Joe helped develop and publicize the "red mirage" scenario to preempt election night disinformation.

Alyssa Guberman Headshot

Alyssa Guberman


Alyssa is an insights strategist and consultant, who has spent ten years using data-driven storytelling to create effective strategies. Previously, she helped create and optimize 2020 election media strategies at Hawkfish.

Delilah Kutler Headshot

Delilah Kutler


Delilah is a communicator and ads analyst. She used categorizations of 1,500+ creatives to develop a standardized system for efficiently optimizing content, applied across Hawkfish in 2020.

Bryn McCarthy Headshot

Bryn McCarthy, PhD

Data Science

Bryn is a data scientist and survey statistician specializing in experimental design and analysis. They previously used survey experiments to conduct a broad study of political participation in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Cullen Dudas Headshot

Cullen Dudas


Cullen is an engineer, designer, and entrepreneur turned vaccination site volunteer. Once upon a time, he worked in the music industry helping launch albums like Born This Way and BEYONCÉ.

James Owens Headshot

James Owens


James is a campaign and media strategist with 15 years experience in politics, policy, and advocacy. Managing tens of millions in paid media, he’s worked with candidates and causes, from state races to presidential campaigns.


Jeff Glueck

Founder & CEO of Salvo Health, launching specialty clinics. Formerly Hawkfish, Foursquare, Skyfire, Travelocity, and Marshall Scholar. White House Fellow, specializing in climate change.

Tom Phillips

Founder of Spy magazine and, among others. Digital media veteran. Google, Stanford B-School, and Harvard. Advisor to early stage enterprises in the U.S. and Africa. Aging athlete.

Adrianne Shropshire

Progressive leader focused on building voter power across election cycles. Founder of BlackPAC. Fan of democracy.